Hazel Mountain is located near Denver, Colorado and has been breeding hedgehogs since 2011.  We are very grateful to First Harmony Farms for mentoring us in the fascinating world of hedgies.  We are proudly USDA Licensed (84-A-0183).  In addition to our hedgehog herd, Hazel Mountain is also home to Wynnie the mastiff mix, Eddie the standard poodle, Sonja the mini Aussie, and Switch the Maine coon kitty.

Our goal at Hazel Mountain is to spoil our hedgies!  We strive to give them the best care so their babies will be awesome pets for you!

Each hedgehog mom lives in a roomy apartment with a wheel to run on, toys to play with, and a hut to sleep in (and raise her babies!).  The gentle-hedges have an identical set-up, and can host several ladies in their penthouses.

In between litters, the moms hang out together to compare baby-raising notes and complain about Neo’s table manners.  We handle the hedgehogs often so they are used to people (except, of course, when they are on maternity leave).  We also handle the babies as soon as it is safe to do so (around 2-3 weeks old).

When weather permits, we set up the kiddie pool or the bathtub for swimming!  Most of the hedgehogs love this, and it is good exercise.

Our hedgehogs are fed premium kitten food, and we supplement with the occasional fruits, veggies, and lean meats.   It is fun to watch them explore new foods, as they often lick the new flavor and spread it on their quills.  This behavior is called self-annointing, and it is very interesting to watch, especially when the little ones join in.

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