Elmo & Ford

Elmo (5)




Elmo and Ford are just like “The Odd Couple!”  Ford is light, Elmo is dark.  Ford is outgoing and social, Elmo is grumpy and reserved.  They have been bachelor roommates for a while now, and get along great despite their differences.

Ford just had his second birthday and is a calm, easy-going guy.  He’ll sit in your hand or lap and hang out.  He’d be a great homework buddy or movie-watching pal.

Elmo is 9 months old and, while gorgeous, is not very social.  He’ll unball if you hold him, but sometimes nips at fingers.  He would be happier not to be handled much by humans but likes hanging out with his buddy, Ford.

While most hedgehogs can live happily either alone or with a roommate or two, Elmo’s life would be much more fulfilling if he could stay with his pal.  Ford will be able to be held and have adventures with their new family, and Elmo would benefit from Ford’s company when the family is busy.  Without Ford to keep him company, Elmo may become even more withdrawn, especially since he’s not interested in being handled much by humans.  We hope that by keeping them together, they will both be able to have long, happy lives in their new home.

This hedgehog has been spoken for.

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