Policies and Guarantee:

Waiting List deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE.  We require a deposit to ensure that waiting-list participants are over the age of 18 and are committed to a Hazel Mountain hedgehog.  Adding yourself to the waiting list does not guarantee the timeframe in which a baby will be offered to you, only that your “place in line” is reserved.  For more information, see the Waiting List page.

Hazel Mountain guarantees your hedgehog against Wobbly Hedgehog Syndrome (WHS) for LIFE.  The ONLY way to diagnose WHS is via microscopic evaluation of brain tissue–it CANNOT be definitively diagnosed in a living animal!  Since any unwell hedgehog will typically “wobble,” even for something as simple as being too cold, a vet familiar with hedgehogs should explore other causes and treatments for your ill hedgehog.  If your vet truly suspects your hedgehog has WHS, you MUST have the specialized test performed after the animal passes.  Hazel Mountain will reimburse you for the testing fees and, if the test is positive, will either refund or replace the hedgehog (your choice).  Hazel Mountain cannot give refunds/replacements for WHS if the brain tissue analysis is not performed!  You or your vet are encouraged to contact Hazel Mountain with questions about WHS testing, if needed.

While every effort is made to breed healthy, happy, long-lived hedgehogs, Hazel Mountain cannot make any guarantees or issue any refunds for any non-genetic condition, including (but not limited to) health, lifespan, temperament, adult color, or suitability for breeding.

Hazel Mountain sells all hedgehogs as PET-QUALITY, not suitable for breeding, unless breeding is discussed prior to purchase.  This is merely to enable us to offer the best bloodlines possible to breeders and encourage only the best genes be passed on, thereby giving the next generation the best chance at health, longevity, and superb temperament.  Since WHS is a genetic, incurable, devastating disease, breeding your hedgehog without carefully considering bloodlines and consulting with a knowledgeable breeder is strongly discouraged.

If for any reason you can no longer care for your hedgehog, Hazel Mountain would prefer the hedgehog be returned to us for re-homing. No refunds will be given outside of the WHS guarantee, but the hedgehog will be evaluated for health and temperament and found a suitable new home, if possible.

Per USDA regulations, Hazel Mountain must collect contact information for every new hedgehog owner.  Hazel Mountain will not share this information with any third party except the USDA or as required by law.  Hazel Mountain may use your e-mail address to contact you with information about your hedgehog if needed, or to offer participation in occasional (up to semi-annual) surveys regarding your hedgehog to help us evaluate the success of our breeding program, unless you opt-out at time of hedgehog pickup.

The USDA also requires that Hazel Mountain inform all prospective hedgehog owners that, like any other insectivore, hedgehogs can carry Salmonella.  It can be part of their natural digestive bacteria, and trying to “cure” a hedgehog of Salmonella can be dangerous or even fatal to the hedgehog.  Hedgehogs pose no more risk than other insectivores (such as many reptiles), and proper hygiene and handling practices drastically reduce the risk of human illness in those with healthy immune systems.  More information about Salmonella and hedgehogs is available on the CDC website.

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