Upcoming litters

Litters are listed here from the time the female has been bred until the litter is old enough to photograph.  This page is updated frequently!

Litters are moved up the list as they are born, and  information about numbers, colors, and gender is added as it becomes apparent.  Hedgehog moms are protective of their litters, so they cannot usually be peeked at to get more details until the babies are 10-14 days old.  Relaxed moms may allow their litter to be inspected a little earlier, and sensitive moms may need more time before being disturbed.

Once the litters are 2-3 weeks old they will be shown to the folks on the waiting list so they can make their selections.  Any babies that are not chosen by the waiting list will then be listed on the Available Babies page.

Feel free to contact us with any questions:  

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