If you are committed to getting a Hazel Mountain hedgie, please add yourself to the waiting list.  This can get long at times, depending on the varieties we have coming up, so get on the list today to minimize your wait for your new pal.

Please use the “Comments” box during checkout to let us know which particular hedgehog you are interested in, or which gender or color, or if you’d prefer a baby from a particular parent.  Give us as much information as possible!  It’s very common for people to say “I want either a split-face pinto or a high white chocolate chip or a brown,” but it’s also very common for people to just put “male” or “dark color” or simply “exceptionally friendly.”

Be aware that the wait for a female baby can be significantly longer than the wait for a male.  There are far fewer females in the average litter (commonly 3 or 4 males to 1 female), and those females tend to be reserved by other breeders before they are even born.  There is no temperament or husbandry difference between genders, so being open to a male will mean that you and your new friend can be introduced much sooner.

Once a litter is 4-6 weeks old, we begin contacting waiting list folks who have expressed an interest in that type of litter, on a first-added, first-contacted basis.  If we contact you, but none of the babies in question appeal to you, just let us know and your deposit will be rolled to the next litter that matches your preferences.

You will be invited to come and meet the babies when they are 6-7 weeks old.  If you “click” with a baby, you will be able to take them home with you that very day.  If you still need time to prepare, we are happy to hold on to your baby for a week or two until you are ready.

Please respond to the contact e-mail promptly, even if it’s just to say “I’m interested, but I can’t come visit for a few weeks.” We do not want to rush your decision–this is a life-long commitment! We just want to know you’re still out there, as other people are also waiting to chose.

If we have not heard back from you within 7 days, we must contact the next person on the list.  We will, however, roll your deposit over to the next available litter.  We understand that people get busy, go on vacation, etc., and we do not want you to lose your investment, but we also can’t wait indefinitely for someone to respond once the babies are ready for their new homes.

Waiting list deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE, but do keep you on the list indefinitely–if you need to postpone your purchase, you can choose from future litters without having to place an additional deposit.  We require a deposit for 3 reasons:  To indicate that you are serious about getting a baby from us, to ensure minors have parental permission to have a hedgehog, and to demonstrate financial responsibility.  If you are having difficulty with a $60 deposit, be aware that a vet visit for an exotic pet like a hedgehog, even for a minor concern, can run upwards of $100.  We want our babies to go to homes that can care for them properly throughout their lives.

All hedgehogs must be picked up in Arvada, Colorado unless prior shipping arrangements have been made at buyer’s additional expense.  See our Shipping page for more details.

Once your deposit has been placed, you will be directed to our Basic Care Sheet.  This document details how Hazel Mountain cares for our hedgies, but is not exhaustive–there are many good ways to care for a hedgehog, so think of it as a place to start rather than a royal decree.  If you’d like a copy of the care sheet prior to placing a deposit, just e-mail Andrea at hazelmountain.com and we’ll be happy to send one to anyone who asks!


Due to the length of the waiting list, new additions have been suspended.  We hope to catch up to the end of the list by the end of 2015, and may begin accepting new additions to the list at that time.

This hedgehog has been spoken for.

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